Anwar Dafallah

Anwar Dafallah

Born in Port Sudan on January 23 1978, Anwar Fatihelrahman Ahmed Dafa-Alla received his early education in Sudan then graduated from the AASTMT as a Computer Engineer in 2003. He worked as web designer/developer during his university days, and then as a part-time lecturer in his home town after graduation. He established his own small company in Khartoum in 2003, just before he came to South Korea where he joined the Master course in Chungbuk National University, Cheong Ju, Chungbuk, Korea. He finished his Master course in 2006, and established his own company in Korea as well. Then he suspended it and switched again to full-time Ph.D student. He participated in establishing several NGO and groups in Sudan, such as Sudan Developers Association. Dafallah is mostly known for being a volunteer translator for TEDx.


Originally posted by the amazing Ola Dia, creator of Twitter page: @Sudan_Voices, posted on her blog ( who has given me so much hope, inspiration, and makes me proud to be able to call myself Sudanese 😉



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