Jamal Mahjoub

Jamal Mahjoub

Mahjoub is British/Sudanese award winning writer. Born in London, he was raised in Khartoum until 1990. After being awarded a scholarship, Mahjoub left to London to attend university in Sheffield. While still a student he began publishing his literary texts in magazines. The English writer lived in a number of places including the UK, Denmark and currently, Spain. Originally trained as a geologist, he has worked as a librarian, painter, chef, curator, journalist and translator. Now, Mahjoub is a full time writer, writing at least seven novels and four of which have been highly acclaimed and widely translated. The author has been awarded the Prix d’Astrobale for the novel “Travelling with Djinns” (2003) and the Guardian/Heinemann African Short Story Prize.


Originally posted by the amazing Ola Dia, creator of Twitter page: @Sudan_Voices, posted on her blog (http://oladiab.com/2011/05/28/sudanese-who-made-it-big/) who has given me so much hope, inspiration, and makes me proud to be able to call myself Sudanese 😉


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