Nile (Moawia Ahmed Khalid)

Nile (Moawia Ahmed Khalid)

Popularly known as Moawia Ahmed Khalid, Nile is a soul, hip hop and R&B singer/song writer and music producer based in the UAE. Nile recently gained more fame especially in the MENA region when he was a contestant on The Voice Ahla Sawt and reached the top 10. diverse artist, Nile plays several musical instruments, such as the guitar, bass guitar and the keyboard. The acoustic guitar remains Nile’s instrument of choice especially for live performances. Nile has written and produced over 40 songs. His single Lonely was played in Dubai’s Radio One, as well as the singles, Still in Love and Get With Me, which were also played on Sudan’s 99.3 FM. He performed live at several local and international music events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, Doha and Khartoum. Born in Wad Madani, Moawia formed a hip hop group called D.O.S with a friend in high school but the group quickly ended when he moved to Sudan. During his years in Sudan, Nile was the lead singer and guitar player in a band whose unique sound was a mixture of soul, jazz and African music. The band toured the country and played in different music festivals and events.




Originally posted by the amazing Ola Dia, creator of Twitter page: @Sudan_Voices, posted on her blog ( who has given me so much hope, inspiration, and makes me proud to be able to call myself Sudanese 😉


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