Dr Batoul El-Hilo

Dr Batoul El-Hilo

Dr. Batoul El Hilo received her MA in Psychology, Post-doctoral-Clinical Psychology and Ph.D. in Psychology from University of Khartoum and her BA in Psychology from Ahfad University. All are crowned by the Certification as Brain Injury Specialist/American Academy for Certification of Brain Injury Specialists (AACBIS) USA, and as Chartered Psychologist/ British Psychological Society/ UK. She is an Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Khartoum and is maintaining a private practice as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist & CBIS at Dr. Abo Bakar Yousif Medical Center, Riyadh. My specific clinical interests include the Assessment & treatment of Cognitive and Psychological disorders in children & adults. She is also holding the following positions as a part-timer: Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at Open Arab University, Riyadh Branch, Senior Clinical Psychologist & Chief of Psychologist at Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City, Assistant Professor of Psychology at King Saud university, and Director of the Counseling & Guidance Center at University of Khartoum. Recently, her research activities have focused on understanding the cognitive and neurological processes associated with the cognitive deficits of patients with TBI, as well as the identification of environmental and neurological factors that place them at risk for cognitive disorders.



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