Amin Mekki Medani

Amin Mekki Medani

Dr. amin m. medani 
– llb. law school university of khartoum 
– ll.m. university of london, u.k. ph.d, edinbourgh university u.k. 
– legal council with world bank in washington. 
– legal council with un hcr geneve, dar el salam. 
– legal council, at arab bank for african development in khartoum. 
– joined the firm as partner in 1980 until he left the sudan in 1991 to work for kuwait fund in kuwait and u.n. hchr in west bank, palastine boslina beirut, bahdad (after the invasion and kabul. 
– he returned to sudan to join the firm (medani and karib), in end of 2004.

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