Mai Omer Khidir

Mai Omer Khidir

Is a 25 year old ambitious young woman from sudan, passionate about inspiring change in her home country. since graduating from kings college london in pharmacology in 2010, she has worked for a life science events company, and as a pr/marketing assistant for a food and drink agency. finding little fulfillment from her early corporate experience, mai decided to pursue a career in public health, where she would make a positive impact in people’s lives. her drive and passion for community work was reflected in her work experience on projects that raise awareness of prevention of maternal to child transmission (pmtct) of hiv/aids services in omdurman, through the organisation, network for adolescents and youths of africa (naya). she then interned at unicef, where she managed the capacity for development project of national ngos involved in hiv/aids youth peer education programming, which aimed to improve, and enhance the skills of national ngos. in 2013, mai was selected as a milead fellow from moremi initiative in 2013, which is a transformational leadership programme which aims to empower and develop pioneering african women leaders of the future. it was through this initiative that she founded her organisation al sudaniya mentoring, which aims to empower, engage, and inspire young sudanese girls in sudan through a tailored 6 month fellowship.


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