Mohamed Ibrahim Bedri Abdelkarim Bedri

Mohamed Ibrahim Bedri Abdelkarim Bedri

Mohamed Ibrahim Bedri Abdelkarim Bedri: 23 years young, grew up in sweden. currently finishing the thesis for my degree at the royal institute of technology, stockholm, sweden. my main interests include travelling, movement (not necessarily sports) and learning. started practicing karate at the age of 11 and now a 4-time swedish champion and have represented sweden at several world and european championships with several international medals, although hoping to represent sudan some day. founded the company asaduru together with an architect where we’re applying an ecological and cost-efficient building method “rammed earth” in order to reach the low- and middle-class population. our vision is to create a sustainable way of living with the latest clean tech solutions and local production in order to create self-sufficient communities.

Mohamed Ibrahim Bedri Abdelkarim Bedri 2


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