Kamal Hamza

Kamal Hamza
Kamal Hassan Hamza abualmaala architect and notables of the city of omdurman house money.
he is the first sudanese assume the position of head of dubai municipality, in the early seventies after you configure the union of arab emirates,
and ahmed awad karim as the first chairman of the abu dhabi municipality.
it plans the entire city of abu dhabi, and the relationship with a strong friendship with the late sheikh zayed …..
sheikh zayed has recommended that before his death is being treated … and ordered the senate to open an account that has kept the share of income (such as senate completely) bezel life ….
he now lives in abu dhabi, where is one of the leading businessmen in dubai and head of the sudanese community is also considered one of the top men of righteousness and charity, where his contributions to charity major sudan’s most prominent hospital parents eye baerdah, a mosque, mr. abdullah alergne beit money and schools totti basis and has mnchaet charity hospital omdurman in addition to the organization charity oversees alykther spending from poor families a grandson of sheikh abdul qadir and dr. m maryoum a simple man humble in his public life despite what god has given him money, extending to arhamh in weal and woe.


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