Kadaphe El-Amin

Kadaphe El-Amin

kadaphe el-amin was born in sudan. his father was in the army and shortly after his birth his family was transferred to south sudan. el-amin’s father passed away when he was about 13 or 14 years old and he moved back with his mother and family to omdurman. followed by another move to live with their grandparents in northern sudan.

at the age of 16 el-amin moved to hungary for higher education and following a year there he ended up in the uk. el-amin enrolled in computer engineering at westminster university. during his first year he fell in love and got married, having a son the year after.
el-amin graduated in 2003, while looking after his family working as well as studying. after university el-amin got a job as a computer engineer for merril lynch but it was always his dream to set up his own business leaders.
after saving for several years he decided to open up his own computer repair shop in hendon, northwest london, and ran that successfully for several years.
el-amin took a year out to care for his mother who was a little bit sick, in sudan, and it was here that he was introduced to the world of natural treatments and herbal medicines.

upon returning to the uk he decided to open up his own natural health store called heal of nature. as well as enroll in a herbal medicine undergraduate degree at westminster university following several diplomas he successfully earned.

His company has grown quickly over the past few years and he ships over 70 countries, stocking over 160 herbs, and over 200 products.


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