Abdelsalam Mohamed Ahmed Gerais

Abdelsalam Mohamed Ahmed Gerais Professor Gerais was born in wadi halfa,the northen state of sudan.he began his educational journey at okasha primary school,abri intermedlate followed by wadi sayidna secondary school and then enterd the university of khartoum,faculty of medicine.
during his time in university he received several awards after graduating in 1968 he proceeded to complete his internship and practiced general medicine for two years,then returned to university to work as a teaching assistant. durung1971to1975,professor abdelsalam travelled to england and received his fellowship from the royal college of obstetrics and gynecology. he then reutrned to sudan and participated in the opening of soba eductional hospital in1975.in1980,he received his doctorate from the university of khartoum ,the subject of his thesis being :the side effects and chemical effects the contraceptive pills forsudanese women.
professor gerais is considered one if the founders of the sudan fertility care association as well as the co-founder of the association of gynecology and obstetrics specialists,in which he is currently working at as an achademic consultant. he also prticipated in the founding of the nubian club in khartoum and the founder of the center for ivf .
in the year 2000,he was granted an honorary doctorate from the university of khartoum from his outstanding contributions towards the dissertation of higher medical certificate. in 2001,he was awarded the order of merit(jedera medal) by the presidency of sudan. professor gerais won jonathan man’s internstional award on human health and rights from the internatioal health council in washington in 2005.it is also worth mentioning that professor gerais is suffering from an incurable disease since1992,losing the ability to speak and has partial movement,yet remanis an example of persistence and continues to work in various ways.his students and admirers created a charitable organization in his honour. at the end of march 2014, the book “the genius abdel salam gerais” was launched, edited by doctor alhady miskeen. the book contains several articles from professor abdulsalam gerais’s colleagues, students, friends, daughter.


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