Abdul Rahman Hamid Nour


Professor. Abdul Rahman Hamid Nour was born in the city of el fasher on 31 November 1970. He has won three scientific prizes high in the exhibition british invention and technology (the british innovation and technology show), two double gold and recent award for the best project display in the exhibition (best of the best). the importance of the award recently obtained by the (best of the best), in something very important from tzbiqat energy , which was the title of the scientific paper (water as alternative energy) water as energy , alternative will reduce the cost of energy almitkhaddma in the engines by 30% while reducing emissions by 60%. , really invention is well aware of those interested in the field of energy importance , and that was evident in the corridors of the exhibition. also worth noting that the invention qualified in more than one contest scientific even arrived at the exhibition british invention altknulogiokan exhibition on wednesday and thursday of last week.


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