Ahmed Mohamed Ali

Ahmed Mohamed Ali

29 years old: Creator of the: SIC ( Sudanese Intelligent, Talent & Creative People ) Group on Facebook
He was born and lives in Omdurman, Sudan

amss secoundry school.
khartoum college of technolege.
comboni college.

works and activity:
civil engineer broug co.ltd
poreject manager – renas for constraction.
founder of s.w.a sudanese website association and director of technical department .
founder and ceo – sug sudanese underground 10 orgnaization.
planner – sudanese youth united arab emirates .
founder and leader of sic ( sudanese intelligent, talent & creative people ).
first crew sudan office – siys canadian organization.

about him :
he always belive in sudan and people on it. he found him self responsible for talented people and he always put himself in that postion …when he asked about that he answer there are people get talented and they`re underground they need help and support to appear their talnets.. from here come idea about help and support them.
.. the first start with sug sudanese underground 10 it`s group work to support and help all sudanese underground in art .. after that by supported by more people and companies the group been bigger .. with the same level and line he create the sic ( sudanese intelligent, talent & creative people ) … his words about talents:
god give you talent for reason ..if you didn`t know the reason just pass it..and you will know..
pass it by share what you got to help, inspire, effect, make happiness for other.. and my job is make sure your talent not stop on you.


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