Irahim Khan

Ibrahim Khan
Born to a sudanese father and an egyptian mother, his art career spanned nearly 40 years, and lived most of his life in egypt and like a lot of movies up to about 50 films, as well as dozens of soap operas, but he did not represent the starring role. died on tuesday, january 9, 2007 at the age of 70 after a sharp cirrhosis of the liver and lungs summoned treated chemically.
submitted to egypt in 1954 and joined the higher institute of dramatic art and graduated in 1961.
although his life in egypt, but he did not get on the egyptian nationality, but retained the nationality of his father.
work to start broadcasting corner sudan, which then turned to the radio station name and the nile valley, to be met with producers a chance, and that convinced him the possibility of his representatives and assured him that he is fit for representation.
circle of revenge.
sunset and sunrise.
climb into the abyss.
the three brave.
police demons.
love the price.
the bad guys.
the end of the demons.
my wife is one of them.
bitter honey.
we all فدائيون.
a woman for all men.
raafat hagan.
innocent people in the dock.
maids without restrictions.
pearls and shells.
fire and smoke.
noor al-sabah


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