Mo Kheir

Mo Kheir
Mohammed Nadir Mohamed Osman Khalifa. Born in oman of sudanese heritage, and coming to new zealand at the age of 8 via qatar, this dynamic advertising wunderkind is a model, photographer and film director. he lives with his brother –
comedian mo kheir – and his sister, in the thriving multi-cultural suburb of flat bush.
. he is a member of the famous band “the wyld”. he studied architecture in new zealand he is also a comedian and designer and marketer.
the wyld began with mo kheir and joe pascoe when first meeting at university in 2007 when they were studying architecture. they later joined up with brandon black two years later at a local music jam night. they all had their own specific tastes in music; but decided to come together and create a radically different sound in an effort to push boundaries and change things up. they initially began as bedroom producing, where it was just messing around, jamming on tracks they liked, covering, and doing open mic nights.
singer brandon black, guitarist joe pascoe, and rapper mo kheir released their debut album on 29 june 2012 called ‘preface’. the band played at the loft at q theatre to celebrate the release.
moving on from label – dryden street, the band’s versatility had attracted the interest of major sponsors like red bull, who had them into a major forthcoming campaign; the wyld went into the red bull studios in august 2013 to begin recording their first ep called abstract.[3]
their track odyssey was used in a commercial for mcdonald’s during the 2014 sochi winter olympic games.
band members
mo kheir – vocals (2010–present)
brandon black – vocals, keyboard (2010–present)
joe pascoe – guitar (2010–present)


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