Noah Samara 

Noah Samara was born in addis ababa, ethiopia to a sudanese father and an ethiopian mother. he left his home country and went to the united states at the age of 17 in search of better education. samara received his bachelor’s degree in english from east stroudsburg university of pennsylvania in 1978, a master’s degree in international business from the georgetown university school of foreign service and a doctor of jurisprudence from georgetown university law school. he is an attorney that has specialized in international communications satellite laws.
chief executive officer of worldspace, the world’s first to launch satellite radio system.[1] he also played a pivotal role in the foundation of xm satellite radio. he claimed what motivated him to found worldspace is to give millions of people in asia and africa access to information. samara’s effort to launch a third satellite over latin america got him embroiled in a bitter fight with the u.s. department of defense and boeing, which use the l-band for communication during flight tests.
earlier career
before the foundation of worldspace, samara was involved in the development of both geostationary and low earth orbit (leo) satellite systems since the mid-1980s. samara’s early career was in satellite telecommunications, first with geostar corporation and later with the washington law firm of venable, baetjer, howard & civiletti.


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