Wafir Gibril 

Wafir Gibril 
Wafir Sheikh Al-Din Gibril was born in kurdufan in central sudan and studied music at the conservatory in the capital khartoum.
he is a multi-instrumentalist who is equally at home on the oud, violin or accordion, but his first professional experience was playing accordion with the bands of abdul aziz almubarak, mohammad al amin and abdul karm al kably. he subsequently formed his own group, kambala, to perform popular and traditional sudanese music, and was also an occasional member of the well-known spanish world music ensemble radio tarifa.
he currently lives in madrid, spain and is a member of the group nilo azul, which performs ancient spanish music.
selected recordings
jardin de al-andalus/the garden of al-andalus (pneuma pn 120)
this recording is described as ‘arab-andalusian music from medieval seville in the tradition of the malúf from tunisia and of the oriental moaxajas. most of the pieces are for an ensemble, with several oud taqasim interspersed among them, and the other musicians on this cd are jamila ghalmi, luis delgado and eduardo paniagua.
1. the nights of the rendezvous (laili al-wasl) 4:01
2. console me – taqsim ‘ud 2:40
3. console me at dawn, my dears! (uaddaáuni) 5:01
4. the birth of the prophet (talilatu al-watia) 6:28
5. beyati – taqsim ‘ud 2:09
6. bashraf samaï asba’ayn 6:01
7. hey girls! my heart is moved and hurt 6:20
8. green washy dress – taqsim ‘ud 2:55
9. my loved one visited me (zarani al-mahbub) 5:40
10. the single girl (talilatu al-arusa) 2:44
11. bashraf samaï sika 6:33
12. the dawn – taqsim ‘ud 2:46
13. andalusi lullaby (ninni, ninni jáhanum) 2:57
14. bid me farewell – taqsim ‘ud 2:47


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