Mohamed Nageeb Khalifa

Mohamed Nageeb Khalifa

Mohamed Nageeb Khalifa was born 4 of 5 brothers in Omdurman Sept 23 1953. He finished his studies he went to pursue his university education at the American University of Beirut. Due to the break out of civil war, Nageeb Khalifa moved to Spain to finish his education, graduating with a Major in Business Adminstration from Schiller University, while also working as a teaching assistant. He then transferred to the Paris branch of Schiller and did his MBA.

He then moved to America to pursue a PhD before deciding to move into the working world. He managed to get a job at the World Bank, before having to turn it down for family reasons and move back to Sudan.

In Sudan he started working for the UN, in UNICEF in the Khartoum Office, for several years, including time spent as Acting Head, before moving to open the UNICEF Chad Country Office. A career spanning thirty years, with time spent in Chad, Indonesia, Kenya, Jordan and Denmark with retirement. At the time of his retierment he was the Chief Operations Officer for the UNICEF MENA Regional Office.

Following retirement he has set up a company with a partner in London, UK called E.darah Consultancy.


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