Assil Diab

Assil Diab
Born in bucharest, romania in 1988, assil diab aka sudalove is a 26-year-old graphic designer and graffiti artist. originally from sudan, assil has been living in qatar for around 20 years (since 1995). she attended virginia commonwealth university in qatar (vcuqatar) where she doubled majored in fashion & graphics design for two years then transferred to the main campus of vcu in richmond, virginia where she focused on graphics design and received her bachelor of fine arts in may 2011 while finishing school in the united states. assil currently is a full time freelance designer and a graffiti artist. in the recent years, assil has developed an interest and skill in graffiti art and as a result, started painting graffiti on clothing, hats, shoes, offices, houses and much more. in 2012 she has joined internationally known french-tunisian artists, el seed, in a calligrafitti project in the salwa road where she helped paint 52 panels in 4 tunnels – the largest graffiti project in the middle east. she has been teaching the art of graffiti at the arts and crafts center in doha. she’s worked as a creative/graphic designer at al jazeera children’s channel, qatar red crescent, supreme council of family affairs and freelanced with qatar olympic committee (q22), purple falcon multimedia, 60 degrees, sdi marketing and painted 10 panels for the qatar racing club in 2014 and various well-reputed companies in qatar and elsewhere.


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