Nyhkor Paul

Nyhkor Paul

Nyhkor Paul is a testament to the fact that, it never matters where you are from with hardwork and perseverance you can make it.
from gracing runway shows in new york, paris and many more. the south sudanese model slays on the cover of the may 2015 issue of south africa’s elle magazine.
let’s talk about nyhkor for a minute,

the rising model was born in south sudan but due to the then conflict in her country she fled to ethiopia to seek shelter where she lived in a refugee camp. apparently, somewhere in 1998, this beaut moved to the united states and with time all the magic happened.
nyhkor recently reunited with her birth parents after 16 years! amazing.
she is also a lady on a mission to bring awareness to the violence still going on in her home country.

now with the may 2015 issue of elle sa, the model was apparently styled in a trendy tart red tassel jacket. catch a very quick glimpse of what’s inside the issue below.

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