Muzamil Abdelkarim

Muzamil Abdelkarim Muzamil is a strategy and operations analyst, business advisor and entrepreneur with deep passion for emerging markets and global sustainability.  He was selected as one of 14 out of 3000+ talent pool nationwide for DAL Group’s professional development programme based on leadership potential and academic achievements.  Having a strategic mindset, bilingual fluency and tolerance for ambiguity he built a strong capability to thrive in rapidly shifting environments, uncover opportunities for investments & growth in underdeveloped markets and champion challenges in-spite of doing business in high risk states, conflict affected areas and adverse economic conditions.  Prior to DAL he was involved in multiple start-up projects holding advisory and business development roles aiming to attract media coverage globally, promoting peace and unity in favor of conflict resolution between tribes and people when Sudan was on the verge it’s tragic split.  Muzamil also participated founding and developing ground up strategies for internet and tech start-ups in Sudan & UK.  He is a true believer of Africa’s trajectory and it’s massive potential & prosperity that exist beyond all it’s current implications.  He is currently dedicating his life towards tackling the challenges of future global food security, education solutions bridging intercontinental cultural powerhouses and exploiting Africa’s endless opportunities through establishing entrepreneurial driven governance and investment transparency.  Broad industry experience includes Food & Beverages, Agribusinesses, Automotive, Manufacturing, Arts & Exhibitions, Event Management and Not-For-Profit Organizations.


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