Khadija Abdelhamid

Khadija Abdelhamid 2

Khadija Abdelhamid is a dynamic, hardworking, successful, high achieving and extremely determined person who just keeps excelling at what she does. Those she meets warm immediately to her engaging ways and warm welcoming smiles. She is extremely passionate about her community work, the business community and changing the lives of young people who she encounters through her charity U.N.I.T.Y. Her on-line, and grassroots community work continues to make a difference in the UK and internationally.

She is an inspiration to young people everywhere. As her mentor it is wonderful to see her being recognized as a Young Leader and Youth Ambassador by the Metro Newspaper in 2012, working at an international level with other youth leaders from around the world campaigning against crime and bringing awareness via the internet and social media to the issues that affect young people in communities in articles, face to face community work and youth summits. In 2013, Khadija was chosen as part of Microsoft’s Programme Innovate for Good Programme. The Programme choses 80 young people from across the UK from 145 applicants, spending two days at Microsoft coming up with a business idea to inspire the next generation of Entrepreneurs. Khadija and her team then pitched their idea to Satya Nadella, who today is the CEO of Microsoft and she was awarded with a Microsoft Business Management mentor, who was the project manager for Windows 8 at the time.

She was also chosen for an exclusive internship in June 2015 to the United Arab Emirates. The internship was for excelling international students to meet and network with industry leaders in the Arab world including Government Officials. These include, Issam, Chief Executive Officer for Dubai Tourism, Ali, Chairman of Dubai Palm Islands, Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, Member of the Federal Supreme Council of United Arab Emirates and Jamal, Chairman of Dubai Film to name a few. She crowdfunded £1,000 to help pay for her internship, the money was successfully raised within a week due to the support from her online community. She also received support from her local MP Barry Gardiner, who tweeted about her crowdfunding campaign.

Khadija continues to be an elite Ambassador for the Muslim Community, in November 2015 she was chosen by CNN to attend an Open Newsroom’s Day programme. CNN invited only 20 people from backgrounds that are underrepresented in the news industry to experience first-hand newsgathering and TV production. As a business undergraduate she is using her formidable business talent help young people in the UK, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to understand the future potential of IT. She is used to meeting influential business leaders and those from the criminal justice sector. In 2013 She was invited to attend business women’s lunch with Dame Floella Benjamin OBE a peer in the House of Lords, and a UK law maker. In 2014, she was invited for a women’s business event with Dame Fiona Woolf DBE, the Lord Mayor of London and in 2015, she was invited to an awards ceremony hosted by Boris Johnson for Londoner’s who are active in improving their local community.

Khadija will be releasing a motivational YouTube Channel called Dose of Inspiration. The channel will be an inspirational platform, where Khadija will be performing spoken word poetry, creating short films, interviewing inspirational young people, providing a platform for young people to showcase their talent and having inspirational entertainment. Young people including my students have been inspired and motivated by the talks she has given. Khadija is an innovator and star shining bright.




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