Maher Elbarbary

Maher Elbarbary

Maher Elbarbary a Canadian Sudanese, with Palestinian roots talented up and coming producer and director. Maher has recently produced his first documentary “The Poetics of Hip Hop”, which you can view on Youtube.
Maher grew up in Sudan and went to Khartoum American School, before moving to the UK aged 16 to attend boarding school in Bristol. After finishing his GCSEs he moved to London where he did a BTEC in Creative Media, where he learnt the fundamentals and basics of graphics, script writing, sound production, filming, magazine, radio as well as taking part in several projects, creating a magazine called “In The Loop”, which included an interview with Jason Cowley, head of the New Statesman Magazine.
Maher graduated with straight As and has recently enrolled at Ravensbourne University, which specialises in media, film, graphics and creative. And is in his first year studying Directing and Production.
Growing up in Sudan with the lack of free speech and an open press and media, as well as the injustice going on around the world, especially with the whole Palestine/Israel conflict has given me the motivation and desire to get into film and directing, to be able to grab my camera, go out there and help give people a voice, film the realities, get the truth out there.


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