Omnia Elgoodah

Omnia Elgoodah

My name is Omnia Elgoodah and my name means wish is Arabic. Ever since I was a young child, I have always dreamed of a world where positivity over-ruled negativity. This mentality was rooted from the lessons I gained from grandmother during one summer in my home country of Sudan.

Every morning after Fajr prayer she would wake up and do one good deed to start the day. Everyday she would sweep the front lawn of her yard as well as her neighbor’s yard. I asked her the reasoning behind such gesture since no one requested her to complete the tasks or expected her to due to her age. However, she responded with a smile stating: “Actions are but by intentions. It’s not what you do but why you do it.”

Helping others is not a gesture, it is a lifestyle. My grandmother did not want to help others for recognition or praise. She wanted to help others by showcasing to others that people still care in this world. Sometimes individuals just need to see it to believe it. Once the individual believes it, then they will act on it and the cycle will continue.

Despite any circumstances or hurdles in my life, I have tried my best to follow my grandmother’s lessons. In life, one must understand that there is a difference between someone who cares for people and someone who cares for humanity. The individual who helps people creates separation and selection amongst who they help. The individual who helps humans is one who does not care about race, class or gender. They are helping because their connection lies in humanity and not separation. I have gained this mindset from my grandmother and my own personal experiences. In life, I aim to use my struggles and strength as moments of motivation and stride for others.

The power behind my motivation and stride is within my faith. Islam has been the main factor of the peace and giving that  keeps me going when my days are low. During the summer of 2013 and fresh into my early 20s, I became very ill and was wrongly diagnosed in regards to my health. I had to undergo different treatments and change. The past year, 2014, truly took a toll on my body and overtime my body became weaker. I was in and out of the hospital more than I was at home. In January 2015, doctors informed me that the pain and weakness within my body and spine actually was due to a spinal tumor and herniated disc in turn 50% of my body’s right side became disabled.

In March 2015, I underwent a spinal procedure in hopes to improve my health to no avail. My body became weaker and by May 18th, I began having sharp pains and limited mobility within my back and the right half of my body. By May 19th, I was unable to walk, stand or sit. I was admitted into the hospital that day for a week long stay. And on May 22nd I was transferred to Potomac Falls Rehabilitation and Nursing Center for a 100 day stay for radiation for my spinal tumor and to learn how to walk, stand and hopefully bring back the old Omnia.

Even though my body was weak, my spirit remained strong. I kept on fighting and pushing myself to get back to normal. June 3rd was a miracle and marked the first day I was able to stand on my feet and walk (with a walker) by myself. The past few months have been dim for me and I felt that frustration took over her spirit and made me a negative person. In order to find my smile again, I remembered the first lesson that my grandmother taught me about Islam. “Actions are but by intentions”. I needed to re-ignite the passion inside of me to help others and this is how was born.

For the past three years I have being working as a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Teacher, Human Rights activist and Humanitarian. I also run my non-profit “iWishUpon” with the goal of making everyone’s wish become a reality. We have been able to collect food to feed the homeless, build houses and provide mentoring for individuals in the streets of the Washington, DC metro and Richmond areas. Working with those in need helps push my passion of empowering,  inspiring and installing hope in others.

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014. While there I majored in International Social Justice, Human Rights, Non-Profit Organization and Social Work. I also minored in Youth Development and Public Speaking with concentrations in Elementary Education and Public Affairs.

If interested in booking me for a possible speaking engagement, workshop, seminar, etc. please feel free to email:


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