Ramis Hashim

Ramis Hashim

Founder at ICT Integrated Computer Technologies. Before even having a university degree. By the age of 20 he started his own entrepreneurship project, his dream and his company ICT Integrated Computer Technologies. Obligating and dividing his time wisely. Allowing him to receive a degree in computer sciences, and on the other hand become a programmer in Khartoum medical insurance company. he had also managed to become a systems developer in both Spark software (AZ Group) and in Financial and banking systems (FBS). This chance did not only a offer a job, But the ability to gain more knowledge and experience in his field.As he was promoted to be the head of requirements of the engineering section at FBS and a very reliable specialist of IT projects at the Bank of Khartoum.
Currently ICT is eight years old and specialized in yielding health care solutions and systems.


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