Torki Farahat

Torki Farahat 2

Doctor who has over seven years of experience working with community and youth through NGOs . Currently, Torki is the Chairman of the Sudanese Assembly of Youth (SAY) Foundation.He has been the Regional Assistant for Africa of Human Rights and Peace Committee in the International Federation of Medical Student Association. Torki is also a certified trainer and holder of an NGO Management diploma. He is an expert in the areas of fundraising, leadership, and recruitment. After completing the Washington fellowship program, Torki plans to create a platform that focuses on youth from different backgrounds and offering them the proper logistical and technical support. Also Torki is a doctor who is working on attaining a master’s degree in Health Management and Hospital Administration.he worked with the UN High Commission for Refugees to train medical students in human rights advocacy. He also trained 1000 medical students in capacity building. He has international savvy and an ability to build domestic support for his initiatives – he will use his youth/NGO network to amplify his YALI experience to a national audience a certified trainer and holder of NGO management diploma , and he is an expert in fundraising , leadership and recruitment, Torki was chosen form 100,0000 african to attend Washington fellowship for young African leaders -YALI by president Barack Obama .


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