Mohamed Bedri

Mohamed Bedri

This is Mohamed Bedri, but we call him Moe, the co-founder and CEO of AsaDuru. He was born and raised in Sudan but moved to Sweden at the age of 5 and have since then had in the back of his mind to go back and contribute to improving Africa and the lives of Africans.
When starting AsaDuru in 2014 his philosophy was – ”What is the worst that can happen?” – which he uses in many areas of his life when he is about to do something risky.

He is a Civil Environmental Engineer (like George) from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. During his education he did a minor field study in Nairobi and Mombasa, Kenya, investigating different building materials and their effects on low-cost housing. This interest developed and for his thesis he wrote about the potential of using rammed earth as a solution to the Ghanaian housing crisis, in which he also studied the construction of a library in Kumasi, Ghana and assessed its environmental impact.

Now, he has just started to acclimate to the cold weather in Sweden after coming back from his second round in Ghana two weeks ago. We are excited to have him and his bold personality back for the long hours of working together IRL.

Above his passion for taking risks, working long hours towards a bigger vision and making a huge positive impact on the world he has been an elite athlete in the Swedish National Karate Team for over 6 years.


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