Alla Elmahadi

22855446_10155643706080479_1235406606_nAn architecture and real estate development graduate student at the University of Maryland One of the core student leaders (one of the architecture team leads and the Student Construction Manager on the project) we designed and spent the summer constructing a solar powered house that intertwines Indigenous knowledge systems with western scientific thinking to create a structure that represents both thought processes. UMD’s entry, resilient Adaptive Climate Technology (reACT), seeks to improve sustainability in four ways and includes a hydroponic garden, “living walls” within its courtyard, modular living elements, predictive automation, and design elements that simplify future upgrades to the house.

The house competed against 10 other schools nationally and internationally, assessed for its architecture, innovation, engineering and market potential as well as tested for everyday home functions such as running hot water, using the oven and using him electronics. We won second place in the world, and 1st place nationally, and were awarded and recognised for our innovation in design and engineering.


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