Mehad Nasralddin

It all started when a friend of mine suffered from depression. Unfortunately in our culture in Sudan, going to a psychiatrist is considered as a stigma, which made my friend decide to fight alone, she kept getting worse until she decided to attempt suicide. That was an unimaginable scene. She called me to say “goodbye” which really shocked me, I started to think about what I should do to make her overcome this. I thought of focusing on motivational sessions and mentored her progress, one month later she improved and changed to a friendly, lovely and tolerant person! After this incident I thought about reaching out to to people who were going through similar phases of depression, I wanted to help and felt the responsibility to take an action. I started to approach this through recording motivational audios and uploading them in social media to see how people would respond to the idea of motivation. I didn’t expect to receive a lot of negative feedback to these records. Despite the fact that I knew the effectiveness of motivation, I quitted and stopped trying because of the negative feedback. I knew these recordings were much needed in our community, yet they refused it. I muttered to myself. I become less motivated. I even cried once and decided to take a break. One week later I received a message that says: (I really thank you for awakening my dreams), this message gave me hope and Indicated my efforts’ impact. I also wanted to support my idea scientifically, so I collaborated with other interested individuals and implemented a pilot project studying the effect of motivational sessions among final year secondary school students, we measured the outcome by doing experimental control study. We held continues sessions to enable them realize their abilities and ambitions, and to determine their dreams. It was fruitful as the result of this research was outstandingly impressive! It indicated that a percentage of 94% of these students could achieve their dreams by motivational support! In light of the research result, I decided to create an organization specialized in developing abilities of young people to enable them realize their dreams through helping them discover their true capabilities and potentials. Therefore I went to study a course called (NGOs design and management) to gain the required knowledge and become qualified, after successfully completing the course I built a team and established (Sudan voluntary organization for motivation) as the first of its kind specialized in motivation. It wasn’t an easy journey because motivation sessions in Sudan are weakly accepted, I also faced the problem of being a lady, as it’s less common for a lady to be a leader in my community. My dream of becoming an international motivator and speaker overcame all these challenges and became my backbone to move forward through a set of leadership and management skills.


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