General Commander Khalifa Mahgoub

Photo 55- ّII القمندان خليفة محجوبMy grandfather Police Commander General Khalifa Mahgoub, first Sudanese police commander, founded the police training academy, and the mounted police division (feroseya), first and prob only shaygee (mushalakh) to switch from Merganiya Party to the Umma Party. As party of the winning political party after the election, he was assigned to open the Sudanese embassy in London, UK in 1955 pre-independence, laying the foundation for independence and the arrival of his successor the first Official Ambassador to the UK.

And upon retiring he tripled the land he was given by the government for his service in Kasalaa and brought in experts from South Africa to establish the first fully mechanised farm and the biggest farm in Kasalaa which he ran till he passed away in 1968. Feeding most of Khartoum, the east and the surrounding nations.

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Sudanese Legends form the past
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