Saeed Zaki


At its May 2016 meeting, The International Youth Federation Board of Trustees also appointed Saeed ZAKI (Sudanese) as Secretary General

Graduated from College of Communication Science at Sudan University of Science and Technology, Mr. Saeed is experienced in international communications, media, and press operations in many organizations. Through his career Mr. Saeed was the founder and president of SKILLS National Group a community organization to support youth in Sudan through capacity building, training, workshops and innovation projects. He also works as Vice Manager for the Media Center at Sudan University, as well as Media Consultant for the United Nations in Sudan.
As Youth representative, Saeed represent Sudan and Africa at the Olympic Games as one of 20 worldwide youth who represents their countries and continents at the International Olympic Committee. Mr. Saeed also serves as national youth ambassador for Sudan. He also indexed on the UN 500 top influence persons in the world.
“I am tremendously proud of the talented and dedicated team at IYF, as our communities faces the challenges and opportunities that the future holds, understanding the power and the value of the young people requires uniting global efforts, not only for indicating the current situation, but in making decisions related to strategic positioning of youth role in sustainable development” Said Mr. Saeed.
 “The appointment decision was made after intensive selection process for the applications from many diverse, highly-qualified young individuals in the world, we are delighted to welcome Ms. Krystel and Mr. Saeed as I am confident about their enthusiasm and commitment to serve young people worldwide.” Said Mrs. Eva Laurance Executive Secretary for the International Youth Federation on the latest appointments.

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