Yousra Elsadig

Yousra Elsadig is an award-winning designer and a mother of two based in Cardiff. She graduated with honours from the University of Toronto. She moved to Cardiff where she is currently pursuing a degree at Cardiff University to become a doctor of optometry. In 2016, Elsadig launched her award-winning modest brand, Boutique de Nana, specializing in unique and trendy modest clothing made with carefully selected fabrics. Her business was shortlisted for the Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year at the Entrepreneur Wales Awards 2015, and she was the Designer of the year 2016 by the Modest Association of London. She also won The Best Designs in the Middle East 2016 by Mona Almansouri and Foochia Channel from amongst 3,000 entries. In addition, Elsadig was nominated as ‘Best Fashion Designer’ in Black British Entertainment (BBE) Awards 2017 and was named the Most Inspirational Female in the UK and Woman of the Year by Barclays 2017. She showcased her designs on national and international runways during Torino Fashion Week in Italy and London Fashion Week in the UK. She also recently represented Sudan during Geneva Arab Fashion Week.


Info curtesy of Ola Diab:


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