Reem Abbas

Based in Sudan, Reem Abbas is a Sudanese freelance journalist and winner of the 2011 Blogger award for her blog on human rights and current affairs in Sudan. She studied sociology and journalism as an undergraduate and studied gender and migration studies at the graduate level. She has been working in the field of communications and advocacy for Sudanese civil society groups and organizations for several years. She has worked at Sudanese independent newspapers as well as international news organisations. Her writings on press freedom have appeared in the Index on Censorship and Doha Center for Media Freedom. Her articles on human rights and socio-political commentary have been featured in the Christian Science Monitor, IRIN news, Al-Monitor, The Guardian, Open Democracy, African Arguments, Medium, Nuba Reports, Women’s E-News, Africa Review and more. She was a columnist at Open Democracy in 2012-13 and a Women Deliver fellow in 2013. As a researcher, she also spent years working with Sudanese refugees in Egypt and published a profile on a young musician and refugee in the book, “Voices in Refugee”, published by the American University in Cairo Press. She recently contributed to the Journal for Middle Eastern Women’s Studies.



Info curtesy of Ola Diab:


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