Muhga Eltigani

Muhga Eltigani

Cofounders Muhga Eltigani and Sam Roberts were enlisted in Forbes 2017 30 Under 30: Retail & Ecommerce list. Together, they founded their startup NaturAll Club, a subscription e-commerce company with hair products geared towards women of color and those with curly hair types. The company, which ships out to all over the United States and Canada, is fully bootstrapped with Eltigani investing $18,000 of personal savings. The two sources ingredients from Ghana and Malaysia. Eltigani is Sudanese-American based in the US. She is a University of Pennsylvania graduate (Triple Major in International Relations, Religious Studies and African Studies) who decided to forego law school to work full-time with cofounder Roberts on their startup. Prior to NaturAll Club, Eltigani Eltigani decided to cut off her hair three years ago and use only natural products that she made herself. She started a YouTube channel about her emotional transformation with the natural hair products and she challenged viewers to do the same and report back to her. The channel grew to nearly 40,000 subscribers and her viewers began asking her how to make the hair products she was using. So she decided to sell them.


Info curtesy of Ola Diab:


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