Huda Shafig

Huda Shafig

Huda Shafig joined the Taskforce for the Engagement of Women in the Peace Process. She became the Taskforce for the Engagement of Women in South Sudan and Sudan in 2013, where she advises the government on how to make the country’s national dialogue process more transparent, accountable, and inclusive  —  increasing the positions reserved for women from 10 to 200 seats (29%). Since 2013, Shafig has also worked to fulfill the peace agreement between Sudan and South Sudan, serving as a conduit between women and senior officials in both countries. She has interviewed 100 residents along the border between Sudan and South Sudan to communicate their priorities to policymakers. In 2009, she co-founded a youth organization to advance peace education, development, and human rights. Shafig holds an MA in Coexistence and Conflict and is a graduate of Columbia University’s Human Rights Advocates Program. She leverages a decade of experience in community peacebuilding and women’s rights in her work for gender equality and social justice.


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