Emtithal Mahmoud

Emtithal Mahmoud

Emtihal Mahmoud is a Sudanese-American poet and peace activist who won the 2015 Individual World Poetry Slam championship.  Mahmoud was born in Darfur and moved with her family to Yemen when she was a toddler, then to the US in 1998. They first arrived in Philadelphia where she attended Julia R. Masterman High School then won the Leonore Annenberg Scholarship, a prize covering all costs for four years at any college in the US. She then decided to pursue an education at Yale University where received a Bachelor’s Degree in anthropology and molecular biology. As a poet, public speaker and activist, Mahmoud presents poetry to raise awareness and aid to address the genocide in Darfur. She was on the BBC’s 100 Women list of “the most inspirational women across the world in 2015,” and invited to a 2016 roundtable with President Obama when he visited the Islamic Society of Baltimore. Mahmoud has recently embarked on a 1290 km two-month “peace” walkfrom Northern Darfur’s capital city of al-Fashir down to the nation’s capital, Khartoum. Over 60 have volunteered to accompany Emi on her long walk that will have some pauses in el-Obied (Northern Kordofan), Kosti (the White Nile State), Jebel Awlia (on the outskirts of Khartoum) and then downtown Khartoum.


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