Meet The Team

We are a team of dedicated Sudanese young professionals & students who live around the world, working together to make Sudan a better place. Meet the Founding Team:

  • Ashraf Nageeb Khalifa Mahgoub: Chairman & Founder, based in London, currently doing his MSC Creative Technology  at Middlesex University, having graduated from University of Surrey in 2010 in BSc Technology Entrepreneurship. He started Sudan Hub in 2010, and Sudanpreneur in 2014. To get in touch with him via email:
  • Juwariya Mohamed: CEO – Chief Executive Officer, based in Malaysia. She graduated from Ahfad University for Women, and did a MSc in Business Administration in Malaysia. She has set up her own successful Marketing company, and works with several clients to grow their marketing by planning & executing digital marketing campaigns for her Clients. To get in touch with her via email:
  • Samer Norie: CFO – Chief Finance Office, based in London. He is a qualified accountant, and does the book for several companies in the UK, as well as being the Finance Director for Sudan Hub. To get in touch with him via email:
  • Yaseen Taha: CTO – Chief IT Officer, based in Medina, Saudi Arabia. He Studied IT in Sudan, and is currently working in IT in Saudi Arabia.  To get in touch with him via email:
  • Samar Mohamed: – Sales Manager, based in Khartoum, Sudan. She recently graduated in Management Information System (MIS), from Ahfad University for Women, and has experience working for several organisations including Kennana & The recent Karmakol Festival. To get in touch with her via email:
  • Alaa Saleh: –  Operations Manager, based in Omdurman, Sudan. She is studying Management at Ahfad University for Women, who is very active in the university community, having worked in School of Management Student Association (SMSA), Ahfad Student Ambassador’s (ASA), The Clean & Green Club among many others. To get in touch with her via email: